To event | shandong Chen xuan to attend the 2022 China machinery industry federation robot branch (robot industry alliance of China) once a session of the council

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On the morning of September 1, 2022, the first session of the council and general meeting of the Robot Branch of China Machinery Industry Federation (China Robot Industry Alliance) was held in Wuzhong, Suzhou.

Song Xiaogang, Executive chairman and Secretary general of Robot Branch of China Machinery Industry Federation (China Robot Industry Alliance), 86 representatives of governing units and 132 representatives of member units attended the meeting. Shandong Chenxuan was also invited to attend.

"China Robot Industry Development Conference" is hosted by the China Robot Industry Alliance (Robot Branch of China Machinery Industry Federation), is the annual conference in the field of robotics in our country with authority and influence in the industry. It has become an annual event and an important platform for people inside and outside the industry to sort out and discuss the development trend of the international and domestic robot industry, discuss industrial development plans, guide the development direction of the robot industry, and promote communication inside and outside the industry. The congress is held annually and will be in its 11th year by 2022.

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 Shandong Chenhuan will work together with China Robot Industry Alliance, adhere to the principle of "innovation, development, cooperation and win-win", guided by enterprise development experience and advantages in robot research and development, vigorously participate in and promote the communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry.

Through this conference, Shandong Chenxuan has a deeper understanding of China's machinery industry and follows the pace of China's industrial robots more firmly.We will also work together with you, in the future, will also be in the robot industry with you to progress together, development together!

Post time: Sep-01-2022